on Wednesday, March 26, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

The Cake is a lie!


On public demand, more from the ever so awesome Style Of Eye.

Sweeter Than Fever - Style of Eye Remix

And, mmm yes, before my french collegaue spits it out:
Grande Soirée De Pute - Club Don't Blame The Youth in Rennes France
@ Contrescarpe the 7th!
All must party, all must dance, there will be Kickersbar.

Frickin frick thats awesum! And pherhaphs there'll be a little swedish surprise well there?

If I'm going I'm totally passing like 50% Style of Eye-tunes.

By the way, can't really call myself DJ T'inkiet if im playing in froggy-land. Thinkin about Dj Companion Cube as a new alias. How's that for a gaming-name!?


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linus! said...

ofcourse your going. I'll kill you if you dont!