on Tuesday, March 18, 2008, Shoré wrote:

Jabamena baby, Kawaii baby!

If you've been following the blog you might have noticed that I'm some what of a lyrical fascist. Just for you to get an idea of my lyrical mania I can let you know that I knew Tupacs All eyez on me album by heart when I was eleven. And it's a freakin dubbel album!!

So listening to French rap, Yelle, Crockers or Baile Funk is somewhat of a challenge cause I never learn the lines. Instead I make up my own words that sound like whatever they're saying. Kind of like kids imitating english!

Tokyo group Teriyaki Boyz look like a japanes version of the Beastie Boys dressed in A Bathing Ape Clothes (Not so strange since Nigo the founder of Bape is a group member). Anyway, combine that with Busta Rhymes and Pharrell and you have pure perfection... and me going "jabamena baby, kawaaii baby, zock on zock on!"

Teriyaki Boyz ft Pharrell and Busta Rhymes - Zock on


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Varför se Nigo alltid ledsen och sur ut?