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Dimple boys and Cheating mamas

The Roots have dropped a new album and the song "Get Bussy" is big on the net right now but im not diggin it. I kinda' like their other song "Birthday girl" better although it's kinda' lame too. The roots member Black Thought is probebly one of the best rappers alive but in this song he sounds like Kanye West who i really have a hard time liking and the chourus is sung by this Patrick Stump guy who sounds like a high-school-soft-rock singer type, witch i totally hate. And the lyrics are about this hot 17 year old girl who finally turnes 18 and now he can take her to r- rated shows... so laaaamee!

So why am i saying i like this song? I'll tell you why, I'm a sucker for aucustic sounds! It's just like a guy with dimples.. who could be this total asshole and get away with it because of the little holes his cheeks would produce when he smiles. So i reluctantly sing along and press replay all the time.
What do you think?
The Roots ft Patrick Stump - Birthday Girl

Anyway I have to throw in a new Neptunes production just to feel better. You gotta love the beat, and i like the lyrics "Cheat on your man, your husband, your boyfreind. Mess up, then tell him that you love him" hahaha sneaky.
Tha dogg pound ft Pharrell Williams - Cheat

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