on Wednesday, June 18, 2008, linus! wrote:


Me: Hello, my name is Linus and ten years ago I was a “reclaim the streeter”.

You: hello Linus!

Me: I had dreadlocks, dirty clothes and listened only at Looptroop.

You: aaaaw... poor kid... (you whisper to your friend so I cant hear)

The biggest buzz in sweden right now, except that Jay-Z is coming to town tomorrow (someone should make a post about that!), is our governments proposal for a new, crazy "big brother surveillance law" called FRA and all of a sudden the newspapers politics sections, even the "right wing ones" are filled with the stuff we shouted at the 1st of may ten years ago...

So in celebration of all dirty white men with dreadlocks and extreme left opinions, heres a real classic:
Promoe – government music

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