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The summer is short, and if you blink (reading blogs instead of drinking beer outside somewhere..) it might have passed before you know it.. So I continue with Rubens sweet summer tunes:

Alborosie - Kingston Town
Alborosie is, according to last.fm, an italian singer based in Kingston.. hmm..
Anyway, without saying to much, he kind of reminds me of Burro Banton or maybe Damian Marley..

Nanko - Lucky You
I think this was pretty much a one hit wonder - Which doesnt seem to be a unusual thing when it comes to vocoder singers (T-Pain excluded ofcourse)..

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Rabbi von Sydow said...

That Alborosie track is da killer! Fett nice, vet inte om jag hört den. Kanske.

Kolla även in, en klassiker ->'

Josey Wales - The Outlaw. Lite same echo stylee.