on Friday, February 29, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

In love again

I work like aaaaall the time. So today I spent like five hours on meetings, like five hours talking, focused and whatnot. Usually I just listen, talk and think ab00t money when in bizniz, but this very friday, I fell in love. And I did not think ab00t money. I say like speak the hungarian rapper: stop the business.

My colleagues kind of noticed, but luckily the wooooman who we talked with didn't.

So now I know who I'm going to marry. She doesn't, but it's ok.

Anywayz. This is a classic.

You do the math.

Let's Make Love And Listen Death From Above


Shoré said...

Wow, the blog just turned in to a 13 year old boys journal, its like "berts dagbok" all over again!

Uncle Drew said...

Be sure to get the back story on Speak the Hungarian rapper in this week's episode of the CBC's 'Search Engine'.

Uncle Drew
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