on Tuesday, February 5, 2008, v för vem wrote:

President of the United States-bmore

Following the the ongoing discussion about Baltimore Club Music on various blogs and forums you learn a couple of new words that you don't use much in your daily life. Like my topic for example. I'm not going to try clarify this term, cause quite frankly, I'm not sure about the precise meaning, lets just say it refers to the "White-ification of Bmore Club Music" or "white-bmore". Seeing that the President of America will always be a white man...
Or will he/her? Perhaps at the end of this year my fellow bmore role models needs to rethink their bmore-dictionary.

I'm not trying to entangle myself to much in any sort political statement. But being a sampling fanatic, spending a lot of time slicing and cutting all kinds of audio, I'm pretty much blown away by this amazing work by Will.I.Am

Ready for Super Tuesday?

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