on Friday, February 1, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Checkin Teh Mailz

So our friends from Steady Mobbin sent us some new remixes made by the ever so talented LL.Cool.B. Thanx dudes!

Hello Brooklyn is the roughest song Jay-Z has made since he told us “I’m from Marcy son, just thought I’d remind ya’ll”, and that was some ten years ago.

This remixXx has a nice English Garage touch all over it, I do adore how that baseline goes boombeeeowboombeeeoww. Makes me think of Oxide and Neutrino at their best.

Jay-Z feat. Lil Wayne – Hello (Steady Mobbin RemixXx)

They also sent us this one, it's pretty rugged 2:

Hyphy Juice Remix - LL.Cool.Bee

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Bogs said...

FFS! That's some freaky shit! A!W!E!S!O!M!E!