on Monday, May 19, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Floating like juke

We was over at Vem'Dettas place last night, listening to his new tracks, experementing with some vj-stuff (Lenny Drama made bouncing cakes!), mixed and hung out.

The last thirty min we passed through the Juke-crate on Vem'Dettas Serato. There's something really cool about music in +156 bpm. It kind of floats, it has a nice flow to it.

I konw this really isn't Juke, right? But that river-like feeling in the beat is there though. A pretty awesome song. Not your usual dancefloor-banger, rather something for the BMore-heads going to a indie club.

Paper Float - Aaron LaCrate Rmx

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v för vem said...

Juke it! 24/5 känner du peppen?