on Monday, May 26, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

This dude is just tearing my stripes off!

So you'd have to be a great mind to stripe-match like this. This guy comes up to me at this barbecue and goes: "Nah man yoo be trippin lissenin to dem pussyclot batty-house". And I goes like "Dude, chill oooout". Obviously I didn't see his golden watch at first. Observe it closely. Now thats really not the type of dude you wanna piss off. Spite his really friendly smile and whatnot, the golden bracelet round his wrist pretty much says it all.

Imagine how fucking dangerous one must be to combine that kind of fashionista intelligence when dressing, with a jewlery of that caliber. This dudes is kinda like Denzel in American Gangster combined with Denzel in that other film when he's a criminal cop fucking up Ethan Hawke.

So later on im mixing my Steve Angello goes Foamo at this club, and he walks up to me while i'm mixing. Gives me this shiny cd-r with just one song on it. He goes.

"Yo, batty-boy, plee dis tune, wicked isht street outta sheffilld, haffi lissen 2 understaand, yannameen bredda?"

So, just so ya'll know, i'm not in to house anymore. Or wait! Maybe I am?

Inna di Dancehall (Toddla T - Count of Monte Cristal & Sinden remix) - Toddla T


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training day! FFS!