on Thursday, May 8, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

France - Day 3.

(Our biggest fan, repping it Forever Young – DBTY)

I don’t really know how to describe yesterday evening. Calling it an all-out-euforic-crash-party-nuclear-dance-style-hardcore-assbounce would just not cover the whole spectra of emotions last night.

We started out with some rather stressful arranging, putting up speakers and such. After that we ate a good Lebanese meal, drank two bottles of Champagne and went to the first gig. A nice bar with good sound and plenty of lasers, in the middle of Rennes.

(Before-Club relaxing)

Sisquo and Hollydjee started the evening up with some rather hard house before me and Vem’Detta took over with a one and a half hour set of electro.

(Setting up the gear)

At the same time Super F started mixing at La Contrescarpe. A basement-club with a really f*cking big table for the nine dj:s in total. DBTY created total kaos during the four hours we mixed. Me and Vem breaking it down B-More hard-core-style. Lots of Samir Theme, Scottie B, Bird Peterson, Crookers, Marina Gasolina, Jokers Of The Scene and whatnot.

(Sisquo and Hollydjee at the decks)

Hollydjee, Super F and Sisquo tore the dancefloor apart with their electrohouse-thing, equal parts Joey Beltram and Hyperactive.

(The Crowd – Madness – I know it’s not much of an image, but everyone was just to exited to take any photos while mixing)

I’ve never in my life seen a crowd as flipped out as this. About a hundred people or more was squeezed in, in a second stone room, they jumped as one, screamed their lungs out at every mix and waved their t-shirts like we’re they propellers of a helicopter. Before that you had another two chambers with at least two hundred people dancing their asses off.

(Me and Martini outside the club)

After the party was of course the afterparty. People painted each other. We pumped hardtech in the cars and clothes we’re exchanged.

(Afterparty six in the morning, tiredness)

After the afterparty was the spliff and baguette a majo et camembert-party.

At seven o’clock in the morning I fell asleep tired as ever.

Now we’re drinking coffee, Vem is sleeping after a good session of Loco Roco, Super F looking up the latest foot-results and I’m writing you guys this.

While waiting for our next gig – 24th of may in Stockholm, you should listen to this one, cause lucky’s what I am today, relax and get inspired!

Lucky - TTA


linus! said...

Fett! I wish i could have been there, it looked awesome!

Anonymous said...

TTA doesn't do it for me anymore. Once they did. With one song.
What happened to your perfect taste, guys and girl?
Men det är ju förstås bara kärlek ändå. Ett snedsteg godtas.

Bogs said...

Skoja! Verkar stenhårt!