on Thursday, May 8, 2008, linus! wrote:

Perdona me!

You know how your perspective gets all weird up when you are away from home for a long time? When you first arrive and look at all these dudes with ugly-ass, baggy denim shorts that ends a decimeter above the feet, you think "wtf is wrong with this country?".

After a while though, you get so used to them jeans you dont even notice, and I bet that if you stay yet a little longer you buy a pair for your self, thinking "what a sexy motherfucker i am"...

And then, on the airport, when your back to your world, where you belong, you realise that you look like a looser and that everybody is looking at you...

I think its the same with music, I was in Mexico for three weeks, and this is what happend to me:

Eddy Lover - Perdoname Feat. Factoria
Judge yourself, have I gone completly mad or is this the next cheesy rnbish latino-hit?

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