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France - Day 1.

(Vem'detta trying a french baguette)

So, I know there hasn’t been much happening on the blogg the latest month, well sorry. We’ve all been busy, work and such.

DBTY has been kind of split up recently. Mell-B has been both in Paris and Finland, Lenny Drama went to Mexico for three weeks, Gardendwarf is in Washington for five weeks, and now me and Vem’detta r in France.

(Jim Martin with several types of kebab)

We’re staying one week, tomorrow is the highly anticipated DBTY Soirée in Rennes with the Fluo Masters of Bretagne – Boys On Top! We’re mixing in two clubs the same evening. It will be all out wartime bonafied fuckfest!

So, whilst here – we’ll try in keep you updated on what’s going on. One post each day with pix and everything. Maybe a few tunes for y’all to. Like a travel journal for DBTY.

(Pier mixing it up)

Yesterday we arrived at 20h, we smoked, ate French kebabs, drank monacos and mixed it up at Jessy of DBTY’s ever so fresh crib.

This morning has started with coffee, a long set starting with som classic loungestyle house, some fresh B-More and right now Vem’detta is at the Speed Garage. Nice.

(Vem'detta doing garden work in his serato playlists)

The weather is good though. So we’ll go out soon. But before that, I’m a pass this:

Everyone Nose (Bass Ill Euro Rmx)- NERD

(Me and Super F aka Pier doing some back to back mixing pacemaker/cd-style)

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