on Wednesday, May 7, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

France - Day 2.

(Vem'Detta, Tripple T, Super F)

So today has been awesome, we passed some few hours at a lawn in this great park in the middle of Rennes, eating greasy sandwiches and drinking wine. Later on we walked back to Pierres, the last three hours we’ve been mixing and preparing for tonight! Two clubs one night and total war!

Love it!

Now I’m taking a shower and passing over the pen to Pierre.

Smell ya later!

Yo! Semaine placé sous le signe de la transpiration, du pain-mayo-camembert-comté-salade-huile, et du BPM,

Jessy est nerveux,

Jimmy Martini,

Jerry est concentre,

Ruben prend sa douche,

Louison is selling vegetables (vends des légumes)

Pier cogite…

Picnic, diabolo, legion of doom,, poutine, pinky, It’s a perfect day comme le suggère smat.

This is our themesong for the night!

Winning (Next Weekend) (Harrison Schaaf Remix) - Blunt Force Trauma

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