on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, Shoré wrote:

That's my cool and I can't take it off!

I’m taking a course on postkolnialism and whiteness studies right now thats really intressting. It’s basically about how europeans fucked up the entire planet and declared themselves superior to all other races some 200 years ago and how this still lives on today in manny ways. This made me think of this beautiful song by Eddie Murphy .

Since this is a course in my film studies it’s linked to how non-white people are represented in film and other popular culture, in other words: how stereotypes are made. One theorist writes about how this has brought forward a black working-class maleness that’s coded as cool. The theoris gives an exaple from Pulp Fiction saying that John Travolta acts cool whilst Samuel L Jackson is cool, because the black male character appears not to be acting, he just is. Isn’t that fucking awsome!

My opinion is that this serves for the represention of african americans not africans. So where does that leave Adam Tensta? I haven’t really formed an opinion about this dude yet . His lyrics sort of suck, and i used to think he’s flow was wack too. And what’s up with naming yourself by a suburban area?!!! Like a friend once said “ Man FÅR inte heta Adam Tensta, det borde vara olagligt”
But I gotta admit his latest song is fucking PHAT! Maybee he’s cool after all.
Adam Tensta - My cool


DBTY Int. said...

Where does that leave iranian people?


Adam Tensta is the fucking bomb!

Nice blogentry btw.

The name is awesome too, RMH!!!!


linus! said...

whutwhutwhut! Tensta, den enda förorten värd namnet, för thats where I grew up! typ..

Shoré said...

HAHAH! DU växte upp i Tensta?!! vadå du hade typ en sjuk faster som ni åkte och hälsade på en gång om året!!
Linus: jag vill inte åka till jävlaskittensta det ligger utanför sofo!!!!
Pappa: Men linus, faster är ju döende och det är ju trots allt jul.

Snart kommer du claima att skärholmen e ditt andra hem för att du brukar åka till IKEA i kungenskurva.

Shoré said...

it leaves iranians harassed on a daily basis by their very best friends! (Ge mig den störta du har!)

and it also leaves us exotified and adored by white boys... comme toi mon al awrance!

linus! said...

vadå, fuck you. jag föddes i tensta.

DBTY Int. said...

"and it also leaves us exotified and adored by white boys..."

of course we do, I luuuv the persian girls the their extra large physical features!

a!! said...

but heey, hooe! aren't we like forgetting the most important thing here?

this little iranien, who is some two centimeters shorter than me, happens to be the awesomest ever at writing this cind of sicky fun shit.

I mean, I'm actually laughing! And not only in the "oh-how-cute,-my-friend-makes-a-sad-effort-in-trying-to-pull-of-a-joke-and-I-pity giggle" (like in junior high when we still had a version of roliga timmen, and you felt sorry for the poor not so funny fuck you actually spent 8 hours a day with for three years),

but actually l a u g h i n g .

Mutchas funnyas and very smart to. You see, mostly I don't pay attention to people shorter than my self (since I'm cind of standing on the line of how short it is ok to be), (and: no offence sylvia),

BUT: this little halfling shows that what she hasn't got in those two last centimeters, she definitly makes it up with that brilliant brains of hers!

In sweden we call it, made of awesome.

ps. if this was a high school movie I would say that post colonialism theories ROCKS MY WORLD or whaterver, but instead I will say it is very cool. and awesome.

//ailee who is the B