on Wednesday, January 2, 2008, Martin wrote:

Best of 2007

This is what I will remember of 2007:

Poni Hoax - Antibodies
Somewhat like a mixture between Roxy Music and something for the dance floor - this was an instant favorite for me. Joakim produced it - he must be a genius in some way.

Lindstrøm - Breakfast in Heaven (Diskjokke remix)
With a loong intro that laters kicks off in a briliant chorus. One great norwegian remixing another great norwegian, so 2007.

Cut Copy - Hearts of Fire (Joakim remix)
I don't know why I first didn't appreciate this one. It took me a while, but when I did it was like when I watched Robin Hood (the disney version!) as a kid: I watched it, over and over, and over. Again please! This track is just the same - never get's boring. Joakim I love you!

A Mountain Of One - Brown Piano (Remake by Studio)
It's like having a very good dinner at a very good restaurant with some very good wine and some very good company. It's a feeling of complete perfection that comes with either fantastic food or music like this.

LCD Soundsystem - Someone great
Maybe their best song ever recorded. Sound of Silver = my favorite album of the year. Don't miss the video!

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
Zach Galifianakis video for this track gave Kanye some well needed self distance. And his album gave me some well needed hiphop last year.

Simian Mobile Disco - I Belive (SMD space dub)
I never really liked their album, felt like a couple of singels in a row. But this makes it all okay. It's a brilliant remix by themself.

UGK - Int'l Players Anthem
"So, I typed a text to a girl I used to see
Sayin that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be"
When you start a song like that then it just have to be fantastic, right?

Justice - D.A.N.C.E
Played everywhere, remixed by all of them, loved by everyone and even featured in a rom-com trailer. This just might be THE biggest cross over hit 07. Not to forget: it's a great track, and with a great video.

LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends
Best intro (the piano!!) of 2007, from the best album of 2007. This my friends is how I want to remember 2007.

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