on Monday, January 14, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Twelve – It’s a magic number

I was on the phone with DBTY-member Shortzy Shortz a.k.a The Gardendwarf yesterday, we talked and I was, as usual, trying to convince her of something.

This is basically what it sounded like:

Me: But I promise you! It is awesome!

She: That is completely and utterly impossible.

Me: But it’s this totally passionate and beautiful song, I don’t understand a word, but I’m sure what she’s saying is so awesome and heart-breaking she could actually cause a stroke with the song.

She: Omg, before I would have said that you have the taste in music of a twelve year old girl, but I’ve totally changed my mind. You ARE in fact a twelve year old girl.

Well dudes, this week-end I totally put the Crookers-marathon on hold and lied on my bed, weeping, listening to Despedida By Shakira

Being twelve is awesome.

Ps. If any one of you bookers who usually complement our blog so very much is reading this, pay no mind.

Ps. Thats funny: Bookers rhymes with Crookers.

I love Crookers:

Baby Beat Box Remix

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Pier said...

Mec je te trouve vraiment pas propre. Je t'imagine toi dans ton lit avec cette chanson... je trouve ça immonde!