on Friday, January 25, 2008, DBTY Int. wrote:

Catherine, je t’aime

So I know I’ve been going on babbling bout her before, and it’s probably becoming kind of boring. But since my colleague started on the topic: “writing dreamy texts on people and environments you idolize so much you fall in love”, and since everybody who even remotely knows me, knows that’s like my area of expertise, I kind of felt obliged.

So Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard is like the boiling point of everything I adore about French chicks. I know she’s very close to being pastiche, but hey, that never stopped me before.

This is her best song, made even better by the oh so awesome Yelle-producer Grand Marnier: Catherine Ferroyer-Blanchard - Une Chanson D'amour (Grand Marnier Remix)

She’s kind of mean, really belle, sings over electro beats, dresses in a cool way, probably never gives a rats about anything anyone says (in a mean way), looks like she hates you when she smiles, and I’d let her blow smoke from her half-lit cigarette n’importe quand.

So I just found my future wife in my perfect little nicotine-drenched, high on coffee and no food, drunk on cheap wine that tastes like petrol, not talking to each-other eating paté-dream.

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