on Tuesday, January 29, 2008, Shoré wrote:

Weekend Warrior

My body hurts…. So much. I turned in to my alter ego Miss Hulk this weekend and now that i turned back to my old self every little inch of my body hurts.
Miss Hulk is just like me, only a little more aggressive, a little louder, and a whole lot stronger! She lifts people up and throws them down, she bites, she slapps, she takes off her shoe and hits people with it, and she threatens to kill you if you’re a dickhead who tries to cut in line at the bar.

DBTY member Linus recently told my that in the War in Afghanistan the American army were told to always kill female talibans firts because no women are allowed in the taliban army. So if a female actually earned her right to be a warrior she had to be the baddest mother f**** there!

Well Miss Hulk is the only woman in DBTY and this is because she earned her right as a Weekend Party Warrior.

Here are two classical tunes with Eddie Murphy and Rick James about weekend warrior queens. Eddie Murphy - Party all the time
Rick James - Superfreak

For those of you who haven’t seen the video you should check it out on youtube Rick james’ crazy jerry-curles are totally made of awezum!

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