on Friday, January 18, 2008, linus! wrote:

Longing for..

My weather depression is getting worse. And I dont know if its makes it better or not that I constantly thinking about palm trees, coronas, ugly surf shorts, havaianas and sitting outside without jacket in the middle of the night. On top of all that, i'm kind of in a Soca phase at the moment..

"Soca", You say, "Isn't that the music they play in Cocktail(and every other hollywood movie when they're going to the West Indies)?"

"Yes", I say, "That's soca, (that, and possibly some Calypso) and a normal person can't stand more than two at most three songs before you get out of your mind. How can they be so god damn happy all the time? Its like forcing a guy with damp to drink two hundred red bulls. crazy.

Anyway, to spare you the crazyness of listening through one million soca tracks, I've done exactly that for you.

Machel Montano - Blaze di trail I havent seen Machel live, but he must look something like a duracell rabbit on speed.

Rhianna - please dont stop the soca feat. mr.slaughter (jus bus walshy killa remix) (I know you dont believe me, but this one's hot!)

And this is just stupid:
Nikki Crosby - I'll learn to wine
Seems like the soca people is even more fond of covers of bad songs than their ragga cousins are. I got soca versions of Tainted love, take my breath away, bittersweet symphony the list can go on...


Dj Baccha said...

haha, for me its like the opposite,
I CANT STAND depressing pop music when the weather is like this...

And they play older soca or calypso wt some steel drums in movies, I recently saw cocktail, and I couldn’t here any soca... It’s the latest soca that’s really good, with a lot of electric sounds innit.

You should check out my soca blog... :)


linus! said...


Yeah, you're probably right about everything, havent seen cocktail in years... And I really cant stand depressing rock either, its just that sometimes it feels like listening to music that reminds me of sun and palm trees just makes the winter even worse..

Nice blogg man, just holla if you ever play in Stockholm!