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I try to do a 2-3 hour workout at least once week, not just to clean up my set, but also to keep my neighbors on a short leash. You know that neighbors, old ones in particular, are like a pack of wolfs. If you give them any slack they'll gather I large groups and tear you in to pieces.
Last week while standing behind my deck, working on my forthcoming heart attack, yeah... slow-jams you say? Slowjams these nuts, (damn, now why didn't I say that at Nada Bar last time) I tend to always end up playing Crookers and alike now days. They should really post a warning sign on that Italian duo, like on a pack of cigarettes. Listening may cause spontaneous combustion! While standing there doing my thing, I get this rare request from one of myfaithfully listeners. "Play me some guns, I want guns!" Seeing that I only have about 3 or 4 listeners, fulfilling one request would be good for the stats, like 20-30%... well you understand where I'm heading with this. But this gun request was a hard one to serve. The only track I could think of was that Paper Plane joint, a track that have becomed a ending theme here at DBTY, and I wasn't ready to end my mix session just yet... But no worries, Dj sega is here for the rescue. I don't care what you haterzz think, this is a clubbanger, and yes, it contains loads of guns.

Dj Sega - Paper Planes (Philly Club Remix)
I got this of the Mad Decent blog. Not sure about "link-jacking", so I did a zshare, I'll take it down if anyone objects.

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Bogs said...

All I want is GUNS!GUNS!GUNS!